A short discussion of the current state of the Eorian-Viridistani conflict

In the north of Eor, for two yrs of constant fighting with Vridistani troops, the county has changed. Originally, Viridistan ran wild and conquered everything in the Claw territories, holding Eor to a draw. Most of the Eorian nobles are dead from too many years of war.

Northern areas of Eor suffered significant incursions and the lines were pushed deep into the Eorian plains.

Then the Ethengar horsemen attacked the Vridistani, with rumors of casualties at half a million + All fighting personnel, including sailors, marines, and spellcasters, plus 2 of the 4 Virid legions in Eor were sent to fight, approx. 15 months ago. It is believed that the Emperor of Vridistan bribed the Ethengar to attack in revenge.

Large scale map showing the Ethangar Steppes, north of Viridistan

The Virid Emperor sent an envoy to the Serpent Council (YuanTi) in the jungle south of the Morlock straights. The Yuan-ti are convinced that a holy site of Dendar is in the great swamp of southern Eor. After 8 months, the Halbard peninsula has been overrun, depopulating everything in their path (eating or enslaving those they conquer).

The Great Swamp, home to a large contingent of Lizardmen and possible sacred sites to the YuanTi

Northern Eor can’t help Southern Eor because they’re busy fighting the Vridistani. The Emir is one of the few nobles left, and leads the remaining forces. It is well-known that several Yuanti, escorted by Lizardmen, have made it to the Great Swamp. The front hasn’t moved much in two months, but we hear they have reinforcements coming. Ships sent to interrupt Yuan-ti fleet were destroyed by Elementalists.