RECAP: 5th Avengers, 9-6-20

Balyx, Caela and Geth resolve to go retrieve the altar, planning to hire a fishing boat, drink potions of water breathing, and pull the altar from the depths using Water Walk.

Jarry takes the opportunity to research the apparently misplaced town of Threshold. Jarry finds that some of the things referenced in the letter correspond with unrest in the southeast of the continent a hundred years ago or so. He sets to taking care of details regarding the trip. While Jarry is working on this, he notices some people coming into the bar who he simply does not recognize, with parchment and pen, making notes. He can tell that what they are writing down are formulae dealing with construction, and they state that structural changes are necessary to the manor house. Jarry is quite sure that these people are attempting to build secret rooms

Back at the docks, Balyx finds a fisherman and they strike a deal for transport out past Stormhaven Island to the site of the shipwreck. It costs 25 gold. We get out to the site and drink the water breathing potions, swimming down into the wreck. We locate the altar and drag it out onto the deck handily, where Geth casts Water Walk with everyone holding on to the altar, propelling everyone on top of the surface, where we greet the fisherman, hoist the altar onto the ship and climb aboard. A few hours later, we have the altar on the cart and are heading back to the manor house. We bring it into Geth’s room and see nothing of any particular concern along the way.

Geth hands the key to Jarry and motions to the altar. Jarry takes the key and thinks of his friend Kiro, places the jade figure in the altar and becomes lost in a reverie, with a vision of swirling around the continent. After about a minute, the view centers on a small community, one of a few small towns, with a few geographic markers around. As the view slows, Jarry sees his friend pretty much lying in a gutter. This is an individual who has hit rock bottom.

The first thing we see is a muscular human scolding Kiro and asking him to clear out. Geth can pick out the sign of a drinking establishment called the Welcome Wench. Zooming out, the village includes a small keep and several buildings, a wooded area off to the east, what appears to be a well-travelled road coming in from the west, and a small forested area off to the west. As Jarry continues to pan out, mountains are visible to the east and a water source, a spring or a river, coming up from the south and to the north up through this community. There is apparent evidence that the village is in the same season as is in Waterdeep.

We take this information back to the librarian, who goes back into the maps and produces one that includes the area southeast of Waterdeep. The librarian asks for some time to look into the Welcome Wench, and asks us to stick around for a while. Thirty to forty-five minutes later, the librarian returns and says that one of the premier attractions to vacationers to Waterdeep is that there is always something happening. The place home to the establishment known as the Welcome Wench is a small community called Homlet. Homlet has an interesting history that was thought to have finally come to a stop involving an evil cult.

Geth seeks out the urchins and the long and short of it is that he entangles them all, takes Nat’s pouch, dumps its contents on the ground (it is magical and has a ton of stuff in it), adds 25 silver to the pile and threatens to kill them if they come for him. He complements the quality of their work.

We set out to prepare for the journey. We bring fifteen days’ rations with us in the wagon. On the third day, we come to the town of Daggerford, a small farming community. We are easily able to find tack and care for our horses. Balyx sees another dragonborn, and also notices that others are not quite so wary of him.

We move on from Daggerford and make good time, travelling 40 miles before setting camp. During the second watch, we are set upon by a group of trolls and goblins.

10 platinum
Gems (page 45 blast)
3 paintings worth 75gp each339 gold1055 silver1900 copper9 gems valued at 50 gp @7 amulets of Saint Cuthbert2  Potions of Animal Friendship
1  Bag or Pouch 1  Potion of Fire Breath
3 holy symbols of Saint Cuthbert, valued at 150g apiece.A jade symbol of Saint Cuthbert