Family Tree of the Keredes Family

Mira, Balthazar and Vespernius are siblings, all the children of Caecilia Keredes, who was not married and had multiple partners throughout her adult life. Caecilia was a resident of Diobel, on the Isle of Kortos, which it shares with Absalom. Mira was born in 4686 (the current year is 4717, which makes her 31 years old); she has two younger brothers, Balthazar (age 29) and Vespernius (Mira’s youngest brother, who died at age 24). All three were born in Diobel, but departed for Absalom and eventually greater Golarion in their early teens (Mira was 13, Balthazar 11, Vespernius 8).

Mira Keredes
Balthazar Keredes
Vespernius Keredes

Caecilia had one brother, named Helvian, with whom Caecilia was cordial but with whom she did not associate with frequently. Helvian moved to Absalom in 4688, where he and his wife Dacia Laevine had two sons: Esteban, now age 25, and Lygus, age 19.

Caecilia and Helvian’s father was Gallus Keredes of Absalom. Gallus was a locally notorious thief and, later, fence, who spent most of his adult life as a trafficker in stolen goods of some kind. Gallus had multiple wives and mates, who bore him his two children in 4669 and 4673. Gallus died in 4675, only two years after Caecilia was born, with little if any consideration for her or her brother’s care. Gallus had a brother named Manfrit, who was a sometime soldier and sometime extortionist who married a woman named Treju Belk. They both died in 4672 under mysterious circumstances.

It was during the young adulthood that Manfrit and Gallus left Oppara (ancestral home of the Keredes) and moved to Diobel. There are no records as to why the pair decided to move away from their father and family, but the move represents a bifurcation in the Keredes family – the Diobel Keredes (with whom we are familiar with) and the Opparan Keredes, whose fortunes were much different than the Absalom Keredes and with whom there is little contact.

Manfrit and Gallus’ father was Procyon Keredes, who over the course of his life (Procyon died of an apoplexy at age 48) had two wives; his first wife was Renna (sometimes “Ranna”) Lupei, Manfrit and Gallus’ mother. Renna died in 4646 from plague. Procyon remarried, to Palavia Albin, and they had one son named Teledes. Procyon was originally by trade a glover (a maker of gloves and gauntlets), and was reasonably successful, especially nearer the end of his life after his eldest sons had moved to Absalom. Palavia came from a moderately well to do family, and the capital injected into Procyon’s business from Albin sources lofted it into something akin to success. Procyon was able to expand and join the Leatherer’s Guild of Oppara, which allowed him monopoly rights to certain areas of the city. Ultimately, Procyon was reasonably wealthy when he died, and passed the entirety of this wealth to his youngest son Teledes.

Procyon’s father was Caeldrus Keredes, who had married a Chelaxian woman named Icili Moscillusus, reported to have been a significant beauty, known for her “longg ebon haire and eyes of greun like a teeflingg tempteress.” Caeldruss had two sisters, Cispian and Myrrhini, who were much older than Caeldrus. Cispian, the oldest, was 13 years older than Caeldrus, while Myrrhini was ten years older. By all accounts, Caedrus’ sisters doted on their baby brother, and he in turn was reported to be a capable swordsman who was prone to aggressively defending his sisters’ honor and responding vigorously to any slight. Caeldrus died in a duel at age 34, although sources agree that this particular duel was unrelated to his sisters, who by that time were both deceased, reportedly each in childbirth.

Caeldrus and his sisters were the offspring of Bunik Keredes, one of the two sons of Timofei the Old, who is widely regarded as the patriarch of the Keredes clan. Bunik was the younger of the two brothers, Burgo being the eldest by some 13 years. Bunik was a soldier in the Taldan miitary for most of his life, reaching the rank of “centus” (commanding 100 men) and by all accounts comporting himself with bravery and competence against the Qadirans. He married Caia Salis, a woman 13 years his junior (13 seems a common number for the Keredes family) and he and Caia began their family quite late in life: Caia was 30 when she birthed Cispian, 33 when Myhrrini was born, and an unheard of 43 when Caeldrus was born (Bunik was 56, and died when Caeldrus was just 7).

Both Bunik and his older brother Burgo were the sons of Timofei “the Old” Keredes, the earliest known person to bear the name of “true Keredes.” Not a lot is known insofar as the details of Timofei’s life, and he is primarily known for being long-lived. Timofei lived to the age of 92, and was reported to have been accused of having “elf blood” (although there’s no evidence that this was indeed the case). Some stories credit Timofei as being a soldier, even an officer, in the Taldan army. Other stories tell of Timofei being in the service of a merchant concern as a “numerateur & also giffing commande to the gards and archiers of the laird’s (cara)van.” It is not know who Burgo and Bunik’s mother was, although most stories seem to agree that the two brothers had different mothers. 

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