Two weeks hard labor at the Quarry

1st offense: notched left ear.
2nd offense: loss of both hands.
3rd offense: death.

Public Drunkenness:
One day hard labor, the Quarry

Prostitution sans permit:
Banishment to Isle of Zorkon

Public stoning

Possession of Stolen Goods:
Repossession and 500 gp fine

Grand Treason:
Death by hanging

Petty Treason:
500 gp fine

Harboring Criminals:
Repossession of property and 20000 go fine OR indentured servitude for 20000 days (that’s 54.8 years)

Bearing False Witness:
Five years military service

Murder (unless self defense):
Death by boiling

Other Crimes:
As per judicial decree as incidences arise.

Other Laws

*The worship of Incabulus, Nerull and Iuz of their minions is forbidden. Worship thereof is considered Grand Treason and punished accordingly.

*No one shall assemble without permit. To do so is considered Petty Treason and punished accordingly.

*The ruling house and members thereof reserve the right to condemn buildings as they see fit.

*All pets and creatures of any kind shall be registered with the Sheriff. Failure to do so is considered Petty Treason and punished accordingly.

*Failure to pay taxes will result in a hearing on charges of Petty Treason.

*Conspiracy to commit a crime or in the commission of a crime is regarded as equal to having committed the crime, and punishment shall be meted accordingly.